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Weight Limit
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1-200 lbs.*

Carrier and Contact Information

Sterling Courier (PRIMARIO)

America Settentrionale e Meridionale
Europa, Medio Oriente e Africa
+44 (0) 20 8757 7555
Asia e fascia del Pacifico
+65 6542 0070


24/7/365 AOG #'s
1,310 330,2346

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Requires Additional Authorization
See Expedite Policy

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Domestic And International
Packing Slip  


• Courier shipments should be used for shipments requiring expedited service and special handling.
• Courier shipments requiring movement by commercial lift are typically subject to the following DIM requirements:

Peso: Superiore al peso DIM o al peso effettivo
Domestic DIM Weight: In pollici Lu x La x H/194 = peso DIM
International DIM Weight: In pollici Lu x La x H/166 = peso DIM

*See weight guide